I am a multimedia performance artist based in San Francisco, performing under the stage name Pseuda. Using queer nightlife aesthetics, practical special effects, technology and drag performance structure as devices, I create emotionally charged images that build to sublime climax. My work is grounded in empathy with the characters I embody, using these antiheroes as avatars to explore identity, otherness and to create space for mutual catharsis with performer and audience. 

contact: picklesolution@gmail.com

Performances and Exhibitions

Sharp Shadow. Kunsthall Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway. 17 October, 2019. Performance by Toxic Waste Face (Pseuda, Scam Likely and Jader).

Work MORE 8: Drag House. CounterPulse, San Francisco, CA. 24, 25 ,31 May, 1st June, 2019. Group Performance collaboration.

The Feed. Satellite Art Show. The Stud, Miami, FL. 6–9 December, 2018. Video installation and Performance by Toxic Waste Face (Pseuda, Scam Likely and Jader).

A Lip Sync Into the Void: 1. ¡Demasiado! A SOMArts Benefits Honoring René Yañez. SOMArts, San Francisco, CA. 14 April, 2018. Performance.

Love Eternal. Jess Curtis/Gravity Pop-up Performance Project. SOMA District, San Francisco, CA. 31 December, 2017. Performance.

Steep in Here. B4bel4b Gallery Presents: Vital Hybrids Performance Showcase. Gray Area Arts, San Francisco, CA. 18 November 2017. Performance collaboration with Kim Ip.

Sciomancer. Autopoetic 04: Pseuda / vainhein / Skin. Pro Arts, Oakland, CA. 30 September, 2017. Performance.

MEGAMALL. Vivvy's Grand Opening - Toxic Waste Face Takeover. The Stud, San Francisco, CA. 14 July, 2017. Performance collaboration with vainhein and Jader.

Untitled. BUZZ: A Benefit for The Lab. Gray Area Arts, San Francisco, CA. 31 December, 2016. Performance.

Phantasmagoria. Yves Saint Croissant hosts The News: Futurism + The Avant-Garde. SOMArts, San Francisco, CA. 6 December, 2016. Performance.

Untitled. Hallokween Tour. DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA. 30 October, 2016. Performance in collaboration with vainhein.

Øyer. The Ventriloquist Summer School. 1857 Gallery, Oslo, Norway. August 2016. Video Installation.

Steep in Hurr. Residency as part of RAW (resident artist workshop) in collaboration with Kim Ip. SAFEhouse Arts, San Francisco, CA. June 2016. Performance.

My Wait is U. Club Soda: Hard French Benefit for SOMArts. SOMArts, San Francisco, CA. 23 April, 2016. Performance.

Untitled. SALTA Dance Collective: Pseudo, Anti and Total Dance. Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA. 25 March, 2016. Performance in collaboration with Tyler Holmes, vainhein and Jader.

Sincerity Machine. 2015 Fall Creative Code Immersive Showcase. Gray Area Arts. San Francisco, CA. 9 December, 2015. Performance Installation.

Spurmbank. #HoldingOnToSF. Incline Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 26 June, 2015. Video in collaboration with vainhein and Jader.

Body H8. Milk Bar #37 (closing show). Milk Bar, Oakland, CA. 25 April. 2015. Performance collaboration with Kim Ip.

Tableau Vivant. The Lab, San Francisco, CA. 19 March, 2015. Group performance with Alicecunt, Bashir Naim, Dull Finn, Jader and Willard.

Pussy Juice Redux. Gag Order Benefit. B4bel4b Gallery, Oakland, CA. 28 February, 2015. Performance.